5 Ways for Men to Improve Erectile Dysfunction Condition

5 Ways for Men to Improve Erectile Dysfunction Condition

Erectile dysfunction becomes more common age men grow old. But, it is not necessary and it is not at all a normal part of aging. It is said that after 30, the testosterone level in men begins to drop low by 1%. So how can you avoid erectile dysfunction? Apart from taking Suhagra, here are 5 expert tips to keep the fire in your romantic life alive:

Eat Smartly

A diet that is not at all healthy for your heart and gut is also not good for your ability to get erections. There have been studies to show that junk food that is fried and high-on-salt can restrict the blood arteries leading to heart attack and erectile dysfunction. The clogged arteries can impede blood flow to and within the penis. In order for an erection to occur, it is necessary for blood to flow into a sufficient amount of the penis.

Take Care of High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Diseases like high blood pressure and cholesterol can damage the blood vessels, including those who supply blood to the penis. Hence, get yourself annually checked by a medical professional to keep all these vascular diseases at bay.


Keeping a check on your weight will keep you healthy and will offer you a better romantic life. There has been strong scientific evidence that links an unhealthy lifestyle to erectile dysfunction. Swimming, running, and other forms of exercise have been shown to give good results in order to prevent ED.

Say Bye-Bye to Alcohol

Chronic heavy drinking can damage your liver, nerves, and give birth to other problems that may interfere with the normal balance of male sex hormones. This can impact your ability to get an erection and ultimately to erectile dysfunction.

Avoid Steroids

Often men think that taking anabolic steroids will help them to improve the condition of erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, they do not! There are many ED drugs that are available in the market like Suhagra 100, which are specifically made to treat erectile dysfunction in men. You can definitely take ED drugs after consulting with your doctor.

However, anabolic drugs that are often abused by athletes and bodybuilders can shrink the testicles and sap their ability to make testosterone. Avoid them, like a plague!

If you are desperately looking to improve the condition of erectile dysfunction, make sure you follow all the above-mentioned tips and discuss them with your doctor.

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