6 Easy Ways To Grow Eyelashes

6 Easy Ways To Grow Eyelashes

I was barely six years old when my mother made me understand the importance of eyelashes by her mystic yet exciting stories.

According to her tale, it was a sin to waste salt and to stop me from throwing it away; she’d come up with a spiritual line “don’t waste the salt for god would make you pay the price by forcing you to pick each molecule of it through eyelashes.”

As she always insisted on saving the salt, I slowly realized how beautiful and significant are our eyelashes.

Beginning to realize how beautiful the eyelashes should be, I have tested ten ways to grow them denser, and each method pays a massive contribution to the growth.

Let’s just take a quick sneak peek at these methods so that you grow these beautiful props to stand out from the crowd.

  • Brushing your eyelashes.

How it works: Brushing your eyelashes with comb lash helps to disseminate the necessary oil to the overall length of the lashes. Furthermore, soft combing has always been associated with relaxing the blood vessels, thereby enhancing the blood flow. As the blood flow takes a gigantic leap, the supply of nutrients and oxygen rises, which further assists faster growth of the lashes.

How to do it: Since eyelashes are too small, you don’t have the luxury to use huge combs with sprawled teeth. Get the brush specially designed for eyelashes, pretty similar to the ones in the mascara tube. You can sprinkle drops such as Bimatoprost or generic Vitamin E nutrients and apply it to the curve of the lashes till the tips so that your lashes get enough power supply to grow.

  • Greasing your lashes.

How it works: Well, don’t go with the literal meaning — greasing your lashes points at oiling them for good. Your lashes are the most underrated hair because they deserve the same attention as your scalp hair. We often miss on oiling them, which degrades the quality. Generally, the hair growth needs interaction between skin and the hair follicle cells. When you oil them with Castor, Fish, or Coconut fermented solution, you push omega-3 fatty acids into the eye skin— one of the necessary proteins for healthy skin and faster hair development.

How to do it: You can oil your lashes in two ways— one with the brush and other with the fingers. Before you go for the final application, make sure that the brush or the fingers are dry and clean. A little negligence may affect your eyes and lead to infection. It’s best to apply at night just before you hit the bed.

  • The underused Petroleum Jelly.

How it works: Petroleum Jellies like Vaseline are underused for the potency they bear. Yes, they are brilliant for dry skin and act as moisturizers, but they have a far more significant role to play. Better skin quality assures healthy hair growth. So, when you use these super-viscous jellies right around the eyelid region, your eyelashes feel motivated to grow sharper and denser.

How to do it: It’s best to avoid finger-application and resort to safer means such as brush-application. You can rub the brush against the jelly cup and apply it slowly over the lashes. Make sure that your fingers don’t get in contact with the eye for it may bring a lot of infection. You can put it anytime; however, giving rest to your eyes just after the application will lead to quicker nutritional intake. Hence, following the process while you have gotten to the bed will make things simpler for your lashes.

  • The power of Green tea.

How it works: When it comes to the healthiest beverages, green tea supersedes any other item— thanks to its composition. As it enriches in Flavonoids— the genius antioxidant mineral, it’s massively good for skin and hair at the same time. Antioxidants overpower the free radicals which love snatching the atom from your cells, thereby weakening the hair growth. And the best part about it is— you don’t have to consume it if you dislike the taste necessarily. You can follow alternative ways like direct application in the eyes.

How to do it: As mentioned, if you have had enough green tea that you wouldn’t want to put it on the tip of your tongue, you can simply rub it on the lashes. I am sure you wouldn’t put the hot green tea through the lids and lashes and allow it to cool down before it scalds your skin. Use cotton swabs for the application.

  • Massaging with soft fingers.

How it works: Like any part of the body— your eyes, lashes, and lids need rest. And massage is one right way to bring them to a relaxed state. While stress deteriorates hair growth in the body, a massage session dilutes your stress and dilates the capillaries behind the eyelid. As capillaries carry more blood than the stressed state, the hair follicles automatically get vital nutrients like oxygen and proteins, which ultimately further the lashes-growth.

How to do it: Based on the choices you make, you can customize your massage session. You can either use massage lotion or oil and pour two-drops on your finger before smearing it around the eyelid and eyelashes. You’d observe quick results if you repeat the procedure for multiple times in a week. Before you do the following, make sure that you have sanitized fingers and softly conduct the process rather than creating vigorous friction.

  • Proper cleaning.

How it works: I know your bed calls out your name as soon as you reach home from a hectic day, but bedding with mascara-ed eyes can really damage your eyelashes. Eyelashes are like your back; they don’t want to carry the burden for a longer time. Mascara cosmetics are nothing but a burden for your eyelashes, and if they come in contact with bed or pillow, they may fall much before you’d anticipate.

How to do it: Make-ups make you look good, cleansing makes your skin and hair look good. Removing your make-up using cotton pads, mascara remover, and washing the eyes with lukewarm water can be beneficial for your eyelids and lashes. There are plenty of cleansers in the market, and you can pick the best one to come clean when it comes to your eyelashes.

So, are you looking to groom your eyelashes? Are you too distressed because you have been failing to flaunt your long, curvy lashes among your friends?

Before any advice, you need to change the perception and make eyelashes an essential part of your life— akin to your hair.

With that belief, it will be much easier for you to get healthy lashes despite all the odds-defying its growth.

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