Is Erectile Dysfunction A Dangerous Warning?

Is Erectile Dysfunction A Dangerous Warning?

Is erectile dysfunction dangerous?

Definitely, if sex means everything to you.

You will lose control over your baby-making shaft.

You will have to let go of opportunities to grind your partner- because you somehow couldn’t get hard.

But your sex life is probably half the picture.

The far more dangerous picture lies behind reading the early causes of impotence.

An unhealthy penile condition shows dangerous signs as heart diseases or cardiovascular proceedings.

On the contrary, if you get your heart condition sorted, you may resolve the issues with persistent erection.

By understanding the link between the two, you can catch up with early signs and act as per the situation demands.

What’s the connection between heart functioning and erectile dysfunction?

There are two ways to perceive the link between the two.

  1. In the first notion, the reports demonstrate that when plaque settles on the linings of the blood vessels, they result in atherosclerosis. The condition blocks the blood vessels in the penis, thereby limiting the blood flow causing erectile dysfunction. As blood fails to circulate smoothly in the vessels, the active role of the heart increases. Since blood doesn’t reach the destined organs, the onus falls on the heart to distribute the blood— anyhow. It eventually disturbs normal cardiovascular activity. In such cases, you can say that erectile dysfunction precedes heart problems.
  2. In the other notion, researchers believe that when erectile dysfunction precedes heart problems, the actual obstacle begins with the linings and smooth muscles of the blood vessels. When the inner lining of the blood vessels (endothelium) dysfunctions, there’s improper blood flow in the heart, which consequently results in impaired blood flow in the penis. This condition ultimately brings about atherosclerosis. In this case, heart and organ impairment leads to atherosclerosis and not vice-versa.

Is the link compulsive between the two?

No. A person with erectile dysfunction doesn’t always need to develop heart disorders, or a person with a heart disorder will not always develop penile impotence; however, if the causes are unclear, you should go for a check-up.

What if you have discovered the link?

You’ll have a severe challenge to look for if you have discovered the link between heart problems and erectile dysfunction.

There is a considerable increase in the chances of comorbidity with a heart problem and erectile dysfunction taking place simultaneously.

The link between the two can be broken when you stick to an excellent standard of living with a change in diet, sleep cycle, and habits.

In acute condition, you should share your problems with the medical experts because “you can bear ED once, but you can’ bear the impaired pumping of the heart.”

The risk factors which strengthen this link.

Apart from sharing the typical process, heart disease and erectile dysfunction also share the factors which contribute to them.

  • Metabolic disorder: Metabolic disorders like Type-2 diabetes inflates the risk of heart disorder and ED.
  • Puffing the smoke: Smoking is one of the most important processes which affect cardiovascular functioning. It helps build plaque on the walls of the arteries, thereby causing erectile dysfunction.
  • Alcohol consumption: Alcohol has earned as much notoriety as a cigarette in leading to heart problems. Excessive consumption also detriments healthy blood pressure and abnormalizes the cholesterol level in the body. It can further cause erection issues.
  • Hypertension and high blood pressure: The high blood pressure indicates that your blood wants to escape the vessels with the high-outflux rate but doesn’t get enough cross-section area. This damages the lining of the arteries, which furthers the danger of heart disorder. And studies have shown the link between hypertension and erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the medication for attenuating hypertension can also promote sexual dysfunction.
  • The shooting up cholesterol: The bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein disturbs the heart operation, and over time, you lose the sexual potency.
  • Your age stalls the sex life: As you age, your sexual functionality stalls. However, if you develop impotence much later in your life, you are less likely to develop heart disorders. On the other hand, you are more prone to heart disorders when you have erectile dysfunction in your 30s and 40s.
  • Obesity: Your body loves fat because it loves multiplying them at a rapid pace. It, as a result, leads to obesity. There have been several anecdotes that prove the link between obesity and heart disorder. With obesity barring the blood flow, the penis finds it hard to host the blood.
  • The plummeted testosterone level: The reports have shown that men who have low testosterone levels often suffer a massive blow with erectile dysfunction and heart disorders.

Although an erection looks like a smooth task upfront; it’s one of the complex responses which include a lot of alignment.

Your penis needs to get aligned with the cardiovascular activity, and any attempt to violate it will lead to a massive setback.

What can you do to break the link?

The only way to please your penis is by pleasing your heart.

You can’t afford to irritate your heart and make it work overtime because of your habits.

If it loses its cool, the only way it will respond is by getting stopped.

And I am sure you don’t want that.

So, change your lifestyle by stumbling to healthier diet charts like Keto, Mediterranean, Dash, or Paleo diet.

All these diets promise to take care of your heart and your penis, consequently.

For more reliable results, you should look to avoid smoking, greasy items, and alcohol in moderation.

You can also resort to medication, which helps circulation in the body.

However, if your condition is severe and you have erectile dysfunction and heart disorders at the same time; you will have to plump up with more strict medication, and avoid the contraindicated drugs.

For example, avoid drugs for ED if nitrate medications are already trying to stave off heart disorder.

By adhering to medical advice, you can prevent the dangerous link between these similar diseases process.

You should also append physical exercise so that you get to feel that you have touched all the areas to combat the two seriously.

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