No Prescription Needed – Biggest Myth for ED Medicines

No Prescription Needed - Biggest Myth for ED Medicines

Be it Generic Levitra, Generic Viagra or Cialis Generic, most people search for the medicines online. Any patient visiting the doctor is assumed to have some information on the medicines beforehand. Thanks to the tech-savvy era we live in. Everyone thinks like the internet can make them explore the medical world at finger-tip. It is true but until and unless you have complete guidance on the medicines, you should not experiment.

It is always recommended to buy Generic Viagra, order Generic Cialis or buy Levitra Generic only after consulting the doctor.

As all these medicines serve the same purpose of effectively treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence in men, many thoughts can click your minds. Someone may suggest youconsume X ED medicine just because they are benefitting from it. You should think that nothing which works for them will be equally well-performing for you.

Don’t underestimate the need for a prescription

If you think like “Who needs a prescription to buy ED medicine?” or you are too shy to discuss this with your doctor then you are making a big mistake. A prescription is a mandatory piece of paper which is given by the doctor after examining the patient’s medical health, current medicines, allergies and more. Along with a prescription, the doctor also guides on precautions and warnings to be considered while taking the medicine. The patient is made aware of the steps to be taken in case of any side-effects. You can conclude that Generic Viagra no prescription or Generic Cialis no prescription is a red signal for you.

No amount of net surfing will give you a customized prescription as you can avail after a verbal face to face conversation with the doctor.

Everything is examined so closely. There is plenty of options available for ED medicines. It is difficult to identify as to which will work more effectively under given conditions. Let your doctor do the job and prescribe the right medicine according to your physical and psychological health.

Factors considered by the Doctor

Following are the factors considered by the doctor while prescribing the ED medicine to patients of different age:

  • Age of the Patient
  • The Routine Life
  • If any physical, emotional or mental health suffering is undergone
  • The level of stress, depression, frustration, and anxiety dealt with by the patient
  • Any serious diseases (cardiovascular, kidney, liver, and eye)
  • Any plan for surgery shortly
  • The current medicines and allergies

Most patients taking Generic Viagra reviews that it works as expected when they take the dosage as guided by the doctor. You may have heard about such positive reviews for Generic Levitra, Generic Cialis, and more ED medicines too. The bottom line is, you get to solve the sexual problem only when you are examined well.

Stating simply, even if two patients are of the same age and having ED problem from the same duration, they can still be prescribed with two different ED medicines. You know the reason now, right?

Besides all this, if someone is too enthusiastic to boost their sex drive, they may overdose the medicine and cause severe harm to their health unknowingly. Would you like to see yourself in such a situation? The answer will be ‘NO’, isn’t it?!

Then get ready with your checklist of questions to be discussed with the doctor openly and without feeling shy. This will save you from risking your life to a small pill.

You can then proceed to buy Generic Levitra online or search for any other ED medicines that you are prescribed with.

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