The Effect of Smoking on Sexual Impotence

The Effect of Smoking on Sexual Impotence

With the cigarette butt meeting your lips, and every puff escaping into your system; you develop a bit of sexual disability.

The truth is not funny, but it chokes your penis before it chokes your brain.

By the time you realize that it’s affecting your penile functioning, you’d find that you’ve already lost your sex life, your partner is running short of sexual moments, your baby-making abilities have gone down, and you wouldn’t be able to boast your virility among friend circle.

Before you destroy these claims, let me explain how your penis operates before smoking.

A healthy body: If your body is healthy, i.e., living good without poor dietary, unhealthy lifestyle, etc.; your penis feels happy. To make it function, you need other organs to behave correctly around it. The heart pumps with all the energy; the kidneys filter the waste continuously; the blood vessels transport the blood relentlessly. You get hard when these blood vessels work properly. When the blood vessels routing into your penis allow blood to pass through it, the erection takes place. The process seems to be smooth considering everything behind the scenes such as your psychological and physical state, hormonal condition, etc. are normal.

A non-healthy body: Nothing irritates your penis more than a non-healthy body. Your unwanted lifestyle, dietary pattern, and behavioral practices such as smoking tantalize your penis. They demand a lot of effort from your heart and kidney, they deposit plaque in your blood vessels, thereby propelling heart to pump faster. All the organs in your body feel tired. They feel obstructed with these lifestyle bumps. Eventually, excessive smoking constricts the arteries in the penis, henceforth, limiting the blood flow. It, in turn, affects sexual potency and induces erectile dysfunction.

If it’s a hard pill to digest, I shall reflect some of the medical anecdotes to prove that there’s a symbiotic relationship between smoking and erectile dysfunction.

  • One of the studies gives overwhelming support to the claim that smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. It concludes that puffing and blowing the bong deregulate the cardiovascular proceedings of your body. As a result, nitric oxide in the body dips. The importance of nitric oxide can be derived from the quote “If the body is to the soul, then blood is to nitric oxide.” Nitric oxide has vasodilating properties, which helps in widening your blood vessels and letting the right amount of blood flow in different parts of the body, including the penis. So, it’s natural that smoking reduces the NO level in the body, thereby seizing the elasticity of the blood vessels. And it’s not rocket science that stiff arteries would find it really hard in conducting the blood and causing an erection.

  • Another clinical testing from Shaarawy and Mahmoud demonstrates the testosterone level in smokers is much lesser in comparison to non-smokers. It also indicates that the quality of sperm detriments with intensive smoking, which ultimately affects fertility. Studies have also linked low testosterone level and infertility with erectile dysfunction. When a person produces low testosterone, he begins to lose sexual desire. Due to this, he never enters into the sexual mood, and the practice results in erectile dysfunction. Note that there’s a variation, and these findings are inconsistent. Some studies have also projected that the men who smoke have a higher testosterone level. However, we’d go with more substantial outcomes.

The bonus effect – premature ejaculation

The threats of smoking don’t halt here. Here’s the bonus adversary which will most probably destroy your sexual happiness entirely.

It’s hard to believe, but smoking may also lead to premature ejaculation— a condition in which your penis vomits semen within the few seconds of stimulation.

So, if you have erectile dysfunction, and somehow you get it up, the chances are high that you may be shooting semen in the next few seconds, ending up your sexual journey in a jiffy.

It happens because of a vicious psychological cycle. And here’s the cycle.

The relentless smoking causes erectile dysfunction. You try too hard to shoot the blazing guns. You finally get it hard. You try to quicken up the sexual procedure in fear that it doesn’t go to sleep again. You end up ejaculating too fast. End of the day— you develop ED and PE together. Your sex life finishes.

The good news – your condition is treatable.

The good news is that it’s not irreversible damage. The moment you stop smoking, you will realize that things are improving as per your expectations.

Although you can’t cure erectile dysfunction permanently, you can surely manage it by balancing your habits.

The blood circulation will enhance; the cardiovascular activity will improve; the chances of heart attack or stroke will go down; and most importantly, all the organs will get back to the neater functioning including your penis.

Within a few weeks, i.e., two to twelve weeks, the vessels in your penis will displace more blood, and if you are fortunate— it will conduct blood good enough for erection.

If you are determined to get back your sexual glory, you should look to quit smoking through these effective measures.

  • Make your mind first. If you have made up 1% of your mind, it’s a significant number to start with.
  • Avoid people/circle who incite or advocate smoking.
  • Spend time in learning things which excite and engage you. Smoking is an addiction, and the best way to sweep away this habit is by deviating your focus from it.
  • Visit those places which say it loud— NO SMOKING ZONE. Spend maximum time so that you don’t have any choice.
  • Encircle yourself with positive people who don’t smoke.
  • Be around family and friends, and keep reminding yourself in front of that you will quit smoking.
  • Use chewable-pills as a nicotine substitute.
  • Ask yourself always— what’s important? Sex or Smoke?
  • Confer with your doctor to find out what medicine could prevent your smoking urge.
  • Alter your routine because changing people and things you do may bring changes in your smokey life.

Don’t fall in the false pit.

The false market will endorse medical products such as generic-Sildenafil or Tadalafil by promising “smoke and sex together.”

It’s baseless because smoking will eventually constrict your tubes, and there will be a time when admitting medicines will show no effect.

You should use these medicines when you have stopped smoking entirely, and you still have erection issues.

There’s absolutely no point in resorting to both together.

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