What’s The Normal Size Of Penis?

What’s The Normal Size Of Penis?

Let’s be honest to ourselves— we all have measured the length of our penises at least once in our existence— both at the flaccid and rigid state, and we all have wished “what if it were a few inches long?”

And who wouldn’t enjoy long shaft for it gives the feeling of dominance, manhood, and toughened virility?

Amidst such ambitious dreams, we should also think about “how long is long enough” and “do women crave for a considerably lengthy penis.”

Once we figure out answers to these two questions, we will achieve the ultimate sexual nirvana.

Saying that your penis is too small wouldn’t help as you don’t have a specific measuring standard.

If you say that your partner doesn’t enjoy sexual sessions because of the tiny penis, you should ask, “what’s the standard for measuring the penis?”

Before you enter into the shells of sombreness because you couldn’t gratify your partner, acknowledge that the length of penis and enjoyment is subjective.

Not all women look for tall edifices into their caves rather a lot of them enjoy honest love-making over your physical body image.

However, if you want to learn more about the typical size of the penis, feel free to scroll down.

Leave aside the comparison of your penis with others, the size of your penis varies every day.

The penis is unique in itself because it achieves several states— it’s different when you have sex, or you have different arousal level, and it’s entirely different when you pee or sit in a colder environment.

So, it’s not easy to measure the usual length of your penis because it varies multiple times in a day; however, the best way to measure it is during erection.

Your normal is my abnormal

As the size of the penis is highly subjective, my normal penis may look abnormal to you and vice-versa.

For instance, there’s a belief that black people have longer shafts than the average male around the world.

Thus, what’s normal for you and other parts of the world may not look normal to the black people, and similarly, you wouldn’t perceive their penises to be normal because of considerable length.

What do the studies say about it?

Science loves surveying, and when it’s about measuring the penile length— it shows the same enthusiasm.

One of the systematic reviews of 2015, also one of the best studies regarding the given subject was conducted on 15,521 men.

Although the sample size was too minute in comparison to the population of the earth, it did reflect a few notable things.

Here are some of them.

  1. The average length of the erect-penis in human is 13.12 cms (5.17 inches) long.
  2. The average circumference of the erect-penis is 11.66 cms (4.59 inches).

An over-ambitious person would love the penis of above-stated length in flaccid condition; howbeit, evolution hasn’t helped humans with the desire to have a massive penis.

How short is too short?

Enough of how long is too long, let’s take how short is too short.

If you are crying your lungs out because you think you have the shortest penis in the world, take a look at this requisite.

“Your penis is a micropenis if it ceases to stretch beyond 7 centimeters during erection.”

Get off your couch, insert a scale into your pants, and gauge its length.

Is it more than 7 centimeters? If yes, sigh out a great relief, your penis is normal, and you aren’t among that 0.6 % of the afflicted population.

The diversity in penile size

It has been tough for science to find an association between demography and length of the penis, but interestingly, surveys and systematic reviews show that the average length of the Congo population crosses the 7 inches territory (the biggest mean length in the world) whereas North Koreans have to settle with the shortest penis holders at 3.8 inches.

Other developed nations such as the United States of America and England have an average length of 5 inches while developing countries as India longs up to mere 4 inches.

Things to note: If penile length really bothered women, the Korean race would have been diminished by now. Also, the population of India and China wouldn’t tough 1.5 billion mark.

The factors affecting the size of the penis.

From infancy to adulthood, you don’t have any control over the length of the penis.

It’s all natural, and the best you could do is resort to the latest medicines which promise to deliver long penis within the span of a few months.

However, with the growing thirst of the extended penis, you may end up damaging your body— credits to side-adversaries of the drugs.

But why don’t you have control over the size of your penis?

Let’s find out the factors.

  1. Genetic factors: As we know that genes regulate growth in our body, the homeobox gene is identified to control the size of the penis. Our penises start developing in the fetus by the end of the second month, and if the androgen receptor doesn’t function properly in the fetus, the penis stays small.
  2. Hormonal disabilities: Men penis continues to develop in the fetus after two months because of the male’s sex hormone, i.e., testosterone and androgen; however, the fetus has to undergo a lot of challenges which discard these hormones, thereby limiting the size of the penis.
  3. Environmental influences: Apart from genes and hormones, it’s possible that you’re responsible for the shriveled size of your penis. The culture and diet you follow and the quality of the air you breath may also affect the length of your penis. The chemicals in plastics, pesticides, flame retardants, etc. may have a significant impact on your baby’s dick as these chemicals disrupt the course of endocrine.

Getting back the normal size

It’s not easy to determine the correct size of the penis during infancy; however, if determined, the hormonal therapy can stimulate the growth of the penis without creating much fuss during puberty or later ages.

Thankfully, a micropenis is a rare disorder and what’s far more concerning is other similar penile issues such as the inconspicuous penis.

It’s the condition when your penis isn’t just small but sits in sack created by the scrotum and buried penis when the penis gets surrounded by the belly fat, thereby making it too small to count.

It’s you who’s unsatisfied and not your women.

It’s outrageously stupid to blame women to long for massive dick when you are yourself unsatisfied with the shorter one.

A substantial male population looks to have a larger penis because it gives them the freedom to wank off with more enthusiasm and energy, whereas 85% of the women don’t show any resistance to dwindled penises.

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