When You Should Avoid Levitra

Generic Levitra is a medically trusted and approved safe drug used widely in the
treatment of erectile dysfunction disorder. It is a safe drug and yields the desired result if
taken with care and under the right dosage as prescribed by your doctor. A condition
wherein a man can’t or maintain an erection is called Erectile dysfunction. It generally
happens because the arteries that carry the blood to the penis get narrower and it
blocks the contraction and expansion of blood vessels.

Generic Levitra works like charm in treating the ED. It relaxes the muscles and blood
vessels that carry blood to the penis and thus helps in sustaining a firm erection. There
are various side-effects associated with the usage of these ED medicines that needs to
be considered before taking the medication.

What to consider before taking Levitra generic?

Generic Levitra is a safe drug but it has some side-effects and there are some
conditions wherein you should consult your doctor.

1. You might face mild to severe headache
2. You may experience a stuffy or runny nose and some dizziness
3. Stomach upset and flushing are also common
4. Sudden hearing loss and blurred vision can also be noticed
5. Chest pain and difficulty in breathing are common
6. You may feel swelling in ankles, hand or feet
7. Irregular heartbeat
8. Excess sweating

If you experience any of these symptoms then you should immediately stop using the
generic Levitra and consult your doctor. If not treated well then these side-effects may
cause severe health-related problems. If you are facing the priapism (an erection that
lasts longer than 4 hours), then consult the doctor as it may result in permanent damage
to the penis.

A sudden drop in heartbeat rhythm, clogged arteries, hemophilia, hypertension,
stomach ulcers are some conditions under which you should avoid taking Levitra
medication. Buy generic Levitra online from us for the same trust and reliability as the
branded ones. Cheap generic Levitra is also available but you should avoid taking it as
these cheaper alternatives cause severe damages that are sometimes irreversible.


Generic Levitra is not prescribed for the women and children, it should be used only by
men above 18 years above.

Dosage and Usage:

Generic Levitra is available in lowest to highest dosage i.e. generic Levitra 2.5mg to
100mg. You should always take the tablet as a whole and avoid breaking it or chewing
it. It lasts longer than other ED medicines and generally, one tablet is enough for about
a day or 24 hours. It should be taken at least 30 to 45 minutes before the sexual
intercourse for optimum results.

However, it may happen that you sometimes miss a dosage at that time do not take two
tablets at once to fill the missed dosage gap. Taking the double dosage than the
prescribed can cause a severe problem and you should avoid taking more than the
prescribed dosage. In case you have already taken the missed dosage before the next
time interval then you should contact your doctor.

Buy generic Levitra online at the best price from us. Always consult your doctor
before taking any ED medicines.

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