Who to Visit For Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and What to Expect?

Who to Visit For Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and What to Expect?

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), you may be wondering which doctor you should call. A good place to begin your treatment is with your primary healthcare professional. Depending on the cause of ED, the primary care physician may then refer you to a urologist, mental health professional, or hormone specialist.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is when a person finds it difficult to get or maintain a firm erection. Fortunately, most erectile dysfunction cases are treatable and curable. Even if you’re particular case cannot be cured, there are many effective treatment options to reduce symptoms so you can enjoy a healthy sex drive.

What Doctor Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Your primary healthcare doctor, a urologist, or an endocrinologist are all capable of diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction. Although their areas of expertise differ, they can all perform a physical examination, and provide you the required treatment.

Primary Care Physician

Primary care physicians are a good place to begin treatment as they are experts in diagnosing a wide range of conditions. They will likely perform a physical exam through heartbeat and blood pressure tests. They may also examine your penis, testicles, and prostate for abnormalities.


Your primary care physicians may refer you to a urologist if a more in-depth analysis of your condition is required. A urologist is a doctor that specializes in the urinary tract and male reproductive system and can treat complicated erection problems, including those that need surgery.


An endocrinologist is a specialist in hormone disorders. Your primary care physician may refer you to an endocrinologist if your erectile dysfunction is caused by a disease in the endocrine system, such as diabetes or hypogonadism.

What about Mental Health Professionals?

A mental health professional can help determine if a psychological condition is causing your ED. If the urologist is unable to find the source of the problem, he may refer you to a mental health professional if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms along with your erectile dysfunction:

  • Intense stress
  • High levels of fatigue
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship problems and communication issues
  • Performance anxiety

How Do You Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

The most popular, effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is a prescription medication, such as:

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