Why Self-Decisions of ED Medicines are Dangerous?

Why Self-Decisions of ED Medicines are Dangerous?

Erectile dysfunction is getting very common nowadays among adult males. Earlier it has only been observed in older age males, but because of the hectic lifestyle, it is spreading among adult males too. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder wherein the patient can’t get or keep a firm erection for the required amount of time to have good sexual intercourse.

To treat ED-related issues there are various generic and branded medicines available in the market. Both the generic and branded work the same and provide the same functionality. Both the medicines are medically tested and approved for general use. Generic Levitra, Generic Sildenafil, Generic Tadalafil tablets are a few popular medicines that treat ED most efficiently. However, these medicines are available online and over the shelf, but you should always consult your doctor for the right amount of dosage and prescription.

How to decide what amount of dosage is enough?

Erectile dysfunction is a phenomenon that can be treated naturally and with proper medication also. However, you should always consult your doctor for the right amount of dosage as every single medicine itself has too many iterations of dosages available. Self-medication and self-decision are quite popular in a country like India, wherein people often try to cure common disorders and ailments. Medications for some common ailments can be bought online and over the shelf also, but medication for erectile dysfunction should and must always be taken after proper consulting with a doctor.

Any medication for erectile dysfunction should be taken by a patient after consulting the doctor, as these medicines if taken without consulting might have adverse effects on health that may lead to severe to irreversible health disorder. Generic Levitra, Generic Tadalafil, Generic Sildenafil are some common drugs used to treat ED.

These ED-treating drugs are available in different dosages. Generic Sildenafil 20mg to 100mg, Generic Viagra 20mg to 100mg, Generic Tadalafil 20mg to 100mg are easily available both online and over the shelf. These medicines come in low to high dosage, if taken without consulting a doctor they may lead to harmful side-effects on your health. Therefore, these dosages must always be prescribed by the doctor after proper physical and psychological examinations.

Why choose a Doctor over Self-medication?

Erectile dysfunction is treatable and can be cured fully by taking respective medicine but only after proper examination by the doctor. A doctor examines the patient with different parameters like physical condition, psychological conditions, or does a patient has any current disease that might affect curing ED. ED medicines have different active components like sildenafil, tadalafil, this ingredient has some side-effect, as well as some special care, needs to be taken while taking such medicines.

Before prescribing any medication a doctor examines the patient on several factors and considers the side-effects of the ED medicine, Dosage of ED medicines as well as the usage instruction of the ED medicines. These things contribute to the efficient functioning of medicines. These different parameters are usually get neglected during the self-medication decision and as a result, the very medicine that treats the ED disorder does unnecessary harm to your health.

The patient cannot decide the right dosage based on self-decision & only a doctor can prescribe the right medicine & its respective dosage. If the patient considers any medicine then this may result in severe health impact & the patient may not even know what to do in such a risky state.

Always buy generic Sildenafil, Tadalafil generic, Viagra generic online for the same trust and reliability as a branded one. Always consult your doctor first before starting any medication.

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